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Full service installation of any type of electronic, security, phone, data, wires for your business or home.


Connect your entire office and team together with computer systems, CRM, and save 30% of your costs.


Top of the line phone system and installation for your office or home. With ability to add lines at a distance.

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IP Telephone

Starting at $24.95

  • Display
  • Call forwarding
  • Put on hold
  • Intercom
  • Rapid composition
  • Conference
  • Music online
  • Voice mailbox on each extension
  • BMF light key that tells you that the extension is already online
  • Ring group
  • Call redirection (cell)
  • Virtual post (seller on the road)
  • Multiple calling line
  • Answering machine (automated operator)
  • Application soft phone (eliminated your long distance calls on your cell phone)
  • Take your voice message away
  • Reporting the number of calls
  • Recording calls
  • Long distance for Canada & USA Free
  • Long distance international calls at an affordable price
  • What is the advantage of a cabling installation;
  • Security of the network
  • Make all the computer communicate together
  • Help the efficiency of a company by sharing all the data
  • Simple use
  • Reliable and stable
  • Functional system despite an interruption of internet service
  • Providing a system for the "smart" house
  • What we offering with the installation;
  • Structure installation
  • Giving a formation to the clients so they understand
  • Respect of the sale promises
  • Certified product for 25 years
  • Quick installation Available
  • Performance test with a complete report
  • Assure the functionality of the network and performance
  • Assure Guaranteed


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